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«Do You See What I See?»

Eivind Blaker

19.9.2014 - 24.11.2014
Oslo S

75 vertical lines forms the self-portrait "Do You See What I See?" Thousands of decisions, no coincidences. I have a plan and I follow it. Logical, accurate, comfortable. Everything else is wrong. I see a pattern where everything is as it should be. 

Do you see what I see?

"Do You See What I See?" is a self-portrait in two colors and is made of two PVC banners mounted in two layers. The outer layers is black and cut into 75 vertical lines that form the subject. The lines change in width from thin to thick lines and together they form a line raster showing two staring eyes. Up close, the 75 lines seem abstract, but from a distance you see the motive more clearly the farther away you get from it.

- I am working with systems that fascinate me. I analyze and dissect motives to my own interpretation. I rebuild it by a set of rules, a whole that creates a new dimension, a new way of seeing. I am interested in limits and rules, and I set them myself for each project. I see things in a different way, and through systems it is easier to visualize this. Do you see what I see?

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To work with art on the facade of Oslo S requires precision. For Eivind Blaker precision, logic and aesthetics, is the starting point for his art. He explores the area between the two-dimensional and three-dimensional. He builds up the motives layer-by-layer that adhere to changing light conditions and changes in the viewer's perspective. Blaker is inspired by comic books, action shots, nature and portraits. In this work at Oslo S, he has challenged the format and the interpretation of the facade of Oslo S. He does this by careful planning, dissecting pictures, and putting them back together exactly the way he thinks is best. 


For the audience around Oslo S.

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Press: Varden  September 9, 2014. 

Read more about Eivind Blaker on his website www.eivindblaker.net 

Thanks to Megaprint for cutting the 75 vertical lines by hand, printing and mounting the artwork together with Eivind Blaker. 

Thanks to Room Eiendom and their commitment to Room for art and displays of public art. 

Contact: Culture Mesén v / Vibeke Christensen, art producer  vibeke@mesen.no