Eventlarge oslo s stine gonsholt 4 The Oslo S facade with KONTINUUM, by Stine Gonsholt


Stine Gonsholt

2.1.2016 - 26.2.2016
Oslo S

Artist Stine Gonsholt has created the video work KONTINUUM, to be shown at Oslo S from January 2016.

The title, KONTINUUM, describes a coherent whole or amount, something constant or continuous. The artwork deals with the theme of mobility, of movement between past, future, hope and uncertainty.

Stine Gonsholt takes as her point of departure, the masses of refugees fleeing to and through Europe. She has travelled some of the same railway stretches that many refugees have taken through Germany, and recorded the nighttime view from the train. Light from windows, street lamps and station signs glimmer by, creating the basis for the light-art at Oslo S.

The starting point for many of Gonsholt´s works, is an exploration of documentary film. Through editing, reworking and animating the documentary film material, her art comments on the “truth” of documentation as something relative, and the experience of time as subjective.

KONTINUUM is shown at Oslo S, upper Jernbanetorg, where 2150 light spots make up a giant video screen (25m wide, 8,5m tall) on the station facade. The work becomes visible as darkness falls. During the day, the video version of the work can be seen inside the station, by the metro entrance. Duration: 20 minutes.

Lighting design: Kyrre Heldal Karlsen

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